Negligent Protection of Corporate Personnel and Property

The world has become an increasingly dangerous place, particularly after September 11th, 2001. The safety of employees and contractors working on assignment in strife-ridden countries should be a paramount concern for multinational corporations and other business entities.

Frequently, such businesses contract with highly trained individuals in order to provide materials and/or technical expertise in dangerous areas of the world, such as Venezuela, Colombia, Iraq and the like. Costs for employee and agent security has become a major consideration, and these costs are often built into the contracted work scope.

With an ever-increasing terrorist threat, and the rampant kidnappings of these individuals around the globe, more and more multinational firms are increasingly being held liable for the negligent protection and other corporate personnel acts or omissions, which may have led to personal injuries or loss of life to their personnel.

Silva & Silva has successfully represented claimants and family members in these very unique and complex situations. In time-sensitive scenarios such as these, our firm is staffed with current and former corporate security professionals who, on behalf of our clients, are prepared to respond anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.

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